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Children's Miracle Network Hospitals


St. Luke's Children's Hospital is Idaho's only Children's Miracle Network Hospital. We conduct fundraising year-round with local partners dedicated to helping our pediatric patients and their families. 

Since its founding, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals has raised more than $4.7 billion, most of which is donated one dollar at a time by individuals throughout the United States and Canada. Every donation made to CMN Hospitals through local campaigns stays in its community.

St. Luke's was a founding hospital of CMN Hospitals more than 30 years ago. Since 1983, over $7 million has been raised locally to support Idaho's only children's hospital.

CMN Hospitals Partners

Thank you to our CMN Hospitals partners and the communities that make donations to the kids at St. Luke's Children's Hospital. You help our doctors, nurses, and staff to provide the best possible care to over 90,000 children each year.

  • January 2018-January 2019: Panda Express Campaign
    • All Treasure Valley and Magic Valley locations
  • February 1-27, 2018: IHOP Miracle Balloon Campaign
    • All Treasure Valley and Magic Valley locations
  • March 25-May 12, 2018: Rite Aid Miracle Balloon Campaign
    • All Treasure Valley locations
  • April 1-30, 2018: Ace Hardware Miracle Balloon Campaign
    • Participating Treasure Valley and Magic Valley locations
  • May 2018: Costco Miracle Balloon Campaign
    • All Treasure Valley and Magic Valley locations
  • June 1-August 2, 2018: Dairy Queen Miracle Balloon Campaign
    • Participating Treasure Valley and Magic Valley locations
  • August 27-September 23, 2018: Walmart Miracle Balloon Campaign
    • All Treasure Valley and Magic Valley locations
  • August 26-September 30, 2018: Love's Travel Stops Miracle Balloon Campaign
    • Ontario and Heyburn locations
  • November 3, 2018: Extra Life—24-hour gaming marathon

2017/2018 Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Champion: Mia

Mia's Heart Beats the Odds

They call her Mighty Mia, a name she's earned. Mia was born with a rare birth defect of the heart and other organs. She had the most complex array of heart defects her medical team had ever seen, requiring a series of surgeries and intense therapy.

Mia is currently off all medications and no longer needs oxygen or a feeding tube, although she still has a pacemaker and will need ongoing cardiology care.

When she's asked about her hospital stays, she tells stories about her favorite doctors and nurses and, like most six-year-olds, the delicious macaroni and cheese.

2016/2017 Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Champion: Beckham

Beckham Beats Blood Disease

Beckham got to know St. Luke's Children's Hospital when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Later, when he started having fevers and stomach pain, he returned for a second diagnosis: a rare blood disease that affects one in a million kids.

In addition to chemotherapy, Beckham needed a bone marrow transplant. Thankfully, both were successful. 

CMN Hospitals donations help St. Luke's Children's provide great care for Beckham and thousands of other babies, kids, and teens.

2015 Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Champion: Vann

Vann Gives to Help Babies in the NICU

Vann was born 15 weeks early, weighing only 1 pound, 13 ounces. He underwent brain and heart surgery in his first two months, defying more challenging odds than most people face in a lifetime.

He's grown up without any other health issues, a true blessing given the severity of his diagnoses at birth. And every year on his birthday he collects pajamas and blankets for babies in the NICU. He dreams of being a doctor someday so he can help people just like the doctors at St. Luke's helped him.

CMN Hospitals donations helped fund an expansion of the NICU where Vann was treated, and the equipment that helped him thrive.

More of Our CMN Hospitals Champions

  • 2014 CMN Hospitals Champion: Sam

    Sam has multiple disorders causing pain, fatigue, and many trips to his doctors. He is hopeful and positive, and wants to spend more time dancing, playing, and putting smiles on the faces of his friends and family.

  • 2013 CMN Hospitals Champion: Annelise

    Annelise has cystic fibrosis, but is determined to live her life to its fullest. She's a cheerleader and soccer player who doesn't let her disease slow her down.

  • 2012 CMN Hospitals Champion: Brenna

    Brenna had acute lymphoblastic leukemia, but never lost hope. Now she loves sports, the electric guitar, and serving her community.

  • 2011 CMN Hospitals Champion: Gracy

    Gracy endured open heart surgery to treat Wolff Parkinson White syndrome. She shares her sunny personality, overcoming whatever obstacles come her way.

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